Internal and External high level areas need cleaning on a regular basis to keep your building pristine. Often high level areas are extremely difficult to keep clean, they often require the use of high level specialist equipment and chemicals to ensure that essential high level cleaning is carried out in a safe and controlled manner.

Regular high level cleaning is extremely important in order to help maintain high standard of hygiene without your Building. Luel Cleaning Company  Gateshead high level specialists cleaning equipment allows us to tailor a proposal specifically for your high level cleaning needs. 

  • High Level Wall Cladding Cleaning  in  Gateshead, North East

You might be able to keep on top of the cleaning on the bottom interior or exterior of your Building, but its a little bit harder to keep the high level parts of your Building clean such as your wall cladding. You simply my not have the chemicals or cleaning equipment to reach the high levels of your cladding but not for Luel Cleaning Company   Gateshead High Level Cleaners we have the chemicals and equipment to clean your high level cladding at a ease. 

  •  Roof Cleaning Gateshead,  North East

Cleaning your external roof prevents moss, algae, rust and dirt that damages the roof, it will also reduce stress on your Building roof. therefore will make your external roof look new, and helps extend the life span.

  • Internal Roof Cleaning Gateshead,  North East

Internal Roofs and Girders always collect dust or exhaust fumes off factory machinery, and off lorries collecting merchandise from your factory and it will start to look dirty. It's not like you can stick a ladder up there to clean your roof. You need high level specialist equipment like elevating platforms, reach and wash poles, steam cleaners and also industrial chemicals to clean your roof and girders. Luel Cleaning Company  roof cleaners will have it sparkling again with an ease in no time.

  •  Exhaust Duct Cleaning Gateshead,  North East

Your exhaust ducting system will be at a high level, so it will be hard to keep on top of the cleaning of the system. Your ducting will be collecting dust, soot and carbon so it is paramount to have it cleaned on a regular basis, so your ducting doesn't get blocked ,and so your Building doesn't come over run by fumes. Luel Cleaning Company  have the equipment and the knowledge to clean your ducting system.  

  • High Level Window Cleaning Gateshead,  North East

To reach windows on higher levels sometimes we may need to use specialist cleaning equipment ,such as- mobile elevating work platforms, or we can use a water - fed pole that can extend up to 36ft (roughly a five storey building). The window cleaning is carried out without any detergents - only purified water.

Gutter Cleaning Gateshead,  North East

Sometimes you even forget you've got gutters because they are up a height and you don't realise how much dirt, leafs and other objects that accumulate in your gutters they start to cause problems like your gutters will be blocked and when it rains the water will not run away in your guttering and that's when your in big trouble your guttering will start to overflow and start to leak into your cavity wall and eventually the wood lath behind the wall will start to expand and start to push your wall outward and the wall will crack and weaken. all that damage caused by not getting your gutters cleared out. This is why we offer you our gutter vacuuming service for a very low fee and it will save you thousands in the long run in building work.

High Level Areas Which May Require Cleaning

  • Tops of pipework and ventilation shafts

  • Tracks suspended from the roof, containing electrical / or other cables.

  • Tops of light fittings 

  • Tops of girders and pipes

  • High Level Cladding Cleaning in  Gateshead

  • High Level Window Cleaning Gateshead

  • High Level Gutter Cleaning Gateshead

  • High Level Pressure Cleaning Gateshead,  North East

  • Internal & External Roof Cleaning Gateshead

  • High Level Signage Cleaning Gateshead

  • Gutter Vacuuming Cleaning Service Gateshead

  • High Level Brickwork Cleaning in Gateshead 

  • High Level Exterior Cleaning Gateshead

So if you are looking for a professional high level cleaning company please don't hesitate to Email Luel Cleaning Company  today  for your free quote.

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